mikroverkapselung Our team of experts with years of experience in microencapsulation technology and applications engineering of adhesives is pleased to be at your disposal. Our first-rate laboratory allows us to assist you not only with theoretical information but also with physical test results. Furthermore we offer trainings about our precote® products at our company, at your site or on-site at your customer. We will also gladly carry out sample coatings so you can test our products under real conditions.

Do you need assistance in selecting the right product for you?
The following information will help us to find the right product for your application:

  • Do you need a product for locking, sealing or clamping?
  • What is the service temperature of your application?
  • Which media are in contact with the threaded connection?
  • What is the maximum pressure, static or dynamic?
  • Which thread shall be coated (size, pitch, material)?
  • Please list the details of the mating part.
  • What are the thread tolerances?
  • Is it a new development or a continuing application?
  • Can you provide us with drawings, photos or sample parts?
  • Is the assembly process specified?